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Hi, Susan:

I'm writing to express my heartfelt thanks to  you for emailing me and other West Side Story fans the beautiful piece about our West SIde Story fans community and its tribute to three of our coolest posters who helped found that great site, as well as the beautiful responses to your piece by other Jets/WSS fans.  

I also might add that, in addition to the West Side Story/Boston Symphony Orchestra concert that will be playing at Tanglewood (out in Western Mass, in the Berkshires) this July, I also plan on attending that same show here in Boston, at Boston Symphony Hall, and to invite afew friends.  Since it'll be playing on Valentine's Day weekend (my birthday), it's all the more exciting for me.  Tickets won't go on sale until August 5th, however.  So.  I'm happy all around!

How are you doing, Susan?  I'm doing well..hope you are, too.  All the best to you and yours.


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