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Hi, everybody:

Last night (like sort of a naughty girl), I took the evening off from my TKD class and decided to take in a screening of West Side Story instead (although I'll be going back to class on Friday, however).  For awhile, I hung back from purchasing myself a ticket, since it was playing out in the Western part of the Bay the middle of March, when the weather can be very unpredictable, but since  the weather turned out to be nice,  overall, I decided to  buy myself a ticket and make the drive out there from Boston, which I did.  The drive took a little over two hours, and, although I didn't get home until around 1 in the morning, partly due to having stopped off for a late-night snack, it was well worth it!

The film, West Side Story, now digitally restored, was pristine and like new.  Although the movie didn't sell out, there was a good crowd of people, nonetheless.  I've written so much about what I think of this great, golden oldie but keeper of a classic here on this forum that I won't go into detail, but one mutiplex cinema that has locations throughout the USA, including one here in the Western part of the Bay State,  have been doing digitally-restored classic films once a week, and West Side Story was one of them, and there was a one-day rendez-vouz of West Side Story (the movie) at a bunch of cinemark locations through the country.  Again, I was glad to have gone, it was worth seeing, and the colors, as well as the print and the overall restoration of WSS was superb!  How I'd love to see West Side Story in Cinema XD one of these days!  I bet it would be utterly fantastic!

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