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I hadn't seen the film West Side Story in a couple of years, but when I saw that it was scheduled to re-appear at a small theatre up in Lowell, Ma, a blue-collar city with an interesting mixture of people,  which is roughly 40-45 minutes north of where I presently reside, I decided to purchase a ticket online for the afternoon showing.  Yesterday proved to be warm and nice, with lots of sunshine..a perfect day for an outing, and to take in a great movie.  

I got some direction on the triple A website, printed up my ticket, and started out at roughly 11:30 yesterday morning.  It was a pretty drive, and it was easy to get to the theatre.  I parked in the big garage, and then stopped in a very good Irish-Mexican restaurant for lunch before the movie.  The food was quite good, and the waitress very nice.  I felt a bit sorry for her, since the restaurant was short-staffed, and she was the only one holding the fort, but she kept on.  

After lunch, I walked up to the theatre, which was in a place called the Mill #5.  After entering through a pair of iron gates, going through a darkish underpass and taking the 2nd elevator to the 4th floor,  I kept going past the various shops, and whatever, until I saw a lit-up sign for the Luna Theater, straight ahead.   I picked out a seat that I liked, settled in, and waited for the movie to start.

The Luna Theater is an attractive little theatre, which is another perfect place for a movie such as West Side  Story and other classic films.  The seats looked like old automobile seats, and they each had a table for drinks and snacks, or whatever.  Although the showing of the film West Side Story didn't sell out, we did have a good was well attended.    A very pristine print of the film was shown, and, as usual, I sat there, loving every minute of it, although I did start to really tear up during the time when Anita (who was grieving over Bernardo's death.) and Maria were singing  "I have a love".  

After seeing  the film West Side Story for the first time in a couple of years, I realized the message more than before:  that hatred, violence, arrogance and hubris leads nowhere, but that intergroup reconciliation, as difficult as it can be and often is, still has hope for transpiring (taking place).  

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