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Hi's an old West Side Story fan here--I've been missing this forum.  I've been doing my work, my TKD classes (I hope to test for my next belt come September.)  and I also have three showings of the film West Side Story that I'll be attending next month.  

I did attend a sing-a-long viewing of the film West Side Story, out at UMass/Amherst, in Amherst, MA, this past April,  and had a wonderful time along with everybody else, although very few people really did sing along with the film.  We were all mostly into watching the film.  It was worth the drive out there, and I had a good time seein my all time favorite film, as usual.  Although the film was a somewhat scratched-up print of the regular 35 millimeter film, I was able to note how much more 3-dimensional the 35-mm film looked, as opposed to the digitally restored, HD version of the film West Side Story is, but, in either case, they're fantastic to watch.  

Anyway, just a line to ask--How's everybody doing?  I hope everybody's okay.  I'll be back here soon.

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